11/100 (100 Strangers Project)



Chris was working with some stall holders when I approached him for my project. He was happy to help, and wanted to be captured naturally, doing what he does.
I had some smoke issues (They were food stalls) but heres what we have.

10/100 (100 Strangers Project)



Amandeep was probably the chattiest of all my strangers so far and was a lovely man to talk to.
He told me that he won awards at school for his turban tieing skills and that he once wore a different turban every day for a year.
We like Amandeep. He's brilliant.

9/100 (100 Strangers Project)



Mathieu was with his friend Frederick in Camden High Street when I accosted him for this photograph and nervously explained a little bit about the project.
He was really happy to be involved, and couldn't have been nicer.
I came away with an invitation to look him and his friend up if I ever wanted to photograph tattoo's in Paris.

8/100 (100 Strangers Project)



Chris is a musician, and was playing a beautiful version of "You Are My Sunshine" busking next to the canal when I spotted him.
He was lovely, and happy to let me photograph him after I nabbed him between songs to ask him...

Here's to friendly strangers.


7/100 (100 Strangers Project)



Lucas was also with strangers #5 and #6 on Inverness Street.
His name was definitely Lucas.
I might be getting better at this whole remembering a name thing. :)

6/100 (100 Strangers Project)

Sek...I think....


My 6th stranger was a friend of Paddy's (stranger #5) and was one of the many people who came out of the bar to help me out.
I tip my cap to each and every one of you.
I think his name was Sek. But sometimes, I can't be trusted to remember a name. :)
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