Something beginning with F...

...First Wedding Anniversary.

Today is our First Wedding Anniversary (woo!) so we took our little hungover bottoms to Regents Park (Where we held our wedding reception picnic) to celebrate.
The weather thought it had done enough this time last year by keeping it sunny for our big day, so it rained like a monsoon, but we had plenty of laughs, A picnic on a rowing boat and even a bit of live music as a soundtrack for our day. And when the going got tough, we hid under a tree, marvelling at just HOW BAD the weather can be. :)
I do love that Beautiful Hairy Man. Happy Anniversary to you Sir.

Presents and Papercuts.

Lets talk about presents.
Gorgeous presents.
Presents that have the ability to make you cry with their beautiful-ness.

I was ever so slightly stuck for a gift idea for The Beautiful Hairy Man, but knew I wanted to stick with the traditional 'paper' gift. Time was ticking, and honestly? I was beginning to freak out just a wee bit.
Then I happily stumbled across the genius that is Emma Daniels and the world was a very happy place again.
Emma is an amazing artist who makes intricate and beautiful paper cut art, and after falling in love with a commission she had worked on on her blog, I messaged her to ask if I may be able to commission her to do a little something something for Mr Reid.

She honestly couldn't have been more of a legend. I emailed her some details about our wedding, the date, songs, readings etc, and put my faith in her artistic genius. (Did I say she was moving house at the time, had other work to complete, and I gave her a week's notice???)

Here is the finished piece.
It made me cry when I opened the envelope.
And I  handed it over with white knuckles.

And here's what The Beautiful Hairy Husband bought for me.

THIS completely beautiful London map papercut print from Famille Summerbelle. (See how we both went Papercut Art? Spooky!)
He's a little bit good, non?

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